About Primed

Primed is part of the Outset Group. Founded on a belief that legal services could be delivered differently (and better), providing real value for our clients is at the heart of what we do as a group.

Primed is part of the Outset Group. For the past 10 years, Outset has been challenging the status quo in the professional services sector.

Founded on a belief that legal services could be delivered differently (and better), providing real value for our clients is at the heart of what we do as a group. And from this belief, Primed was born.


Created by experts

Primed was created by genuine experts with years of experience who wanted to make the best advice more accessible; legal experts who wanted to deliver a great service, not sales people churning out a “one size fits all” package.


Our expertise

Outset Group’s expertise was learned from spending years advising large businesses on the most complex of employment law and HR issues. After starting to work with owner managed businesses, we realised that many of you were missing out on getting good advice when you need it.

This was sometimes because the cost was too much, but more often than not, because the services available to you were not designed to provide it. That didn’t sit well with us.

Our expertise helps businesses take the best steps to manage their teams and keep their people safe. We wanted to share our experience and expertise with as many people as possible – and help to create more great businesses in the process.


Why we created Primed

We created Primed to give more businesses access to the very best employment law, HR, health & safety and other business support and advice – all at a fixed, affordable price.

A service designed to empower you to take control of your own issues, make good decisions, and access the support and advice you want, whenever and however you want it.


Our services

We have two levels of service:

Primed – our online system that gives you access to 600+ templates, documents, guidance notes and FAQs.

Primed Premium – access to Primed but with additional support from real people, including an unlimited telephone advice line and a whole host of other benefits.


What our clients say


Lisa Goode, Chief of Staff, GoTo Energy

Primed has been a great tool for us as a new business as we can quickly go online, research the question and download the relevant documentation. Read more

Andrew Wood, Chief Executive, DMA-Group

Everything from business continuity planning to organisational restructuring to GDPR to one off disciplinary issues have been delivered with clarity, efficiency and cost certainty. This service has played a crucial role in making DMA a success in a challenging sector, particularly when the pandemic took hold. Read more

Samantha Barton, HR Coordinator , Charlton Athletic Football Club

Primed has been extremely beneficial to aid with the running of our business. I am a junior HR Co-ordinator who is still learning; it's been great to have Primed for me to contact as and when I need it. The system is user friendly and it's helpful to have templates and documents that I can download when I need them. Read more

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Try Primed, our online system free for the next 12 months’ giving you access to extensive online employment, HR and safety resources. No upfront payment and if you don’t love it, there’s no obligation to subscribe.

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