How HR supports organisational strategy

organisational strategy

How HR supports organisational strategy

Human Resources (HR) functions as a valuable asset to any business, with skills, services and responsibilities that far exceed standard administrative assistance and recruitment support. Indeed, HR is arguably one of the most important departments within an organisation.

When it comes to developing business plans and implementing organisational changes, it’s essential that business leaders account for ‘the human factor’ to properly evaluate the realities of internal changes and to help breathe life into your strategy.

In this article, discover the numerous ways in which HR can support your business’ organisational strategy as well as any future plans for development and transformation.


The importance of HR in your business strategy

A significant amount of time and money goes into developing and executing strategies for enhancing business performance and success.

HR has the capabilities, competencies and tools to help business leaders understand how strategy can be developed, which is equally as important as defining what the strategy is.

With the HR role reaching and influencing almost all aspects of a business, involving HR experts at the strategic level of organisational plans will go a long way towards streamlining and simplifying the process – here’s how.


Company culture

Your business is missing a crucial component if company culture isn’t factored into your organisational strategy.

HR has the knowledge required to bring strategy to life in people, as well as through policies and processes. Your employees are much more likely to be responsive to organisational changes and thrive productively in a supportive environment if fostering a positive company culture is taken into account.


Technology and trends

Another excellent example of how HR supports organisational strategy relates to advancements in technology and changing industry trends.

Advancements in technology give HR greater control over business operations, including planning and executing operational strategy.

An online HR information system can help your company eliminate tiresome manual HR processes in favour of a modern, cloud-based HR system – leaving you free to focus on achieving your business goals.

Our premium, cloud-based HR information system (HRIS) allows you to easily manage and digitally centralise your company’s people-related processes and functions.

Here are just some of the HRIS benefits:

  • Generate insightful HR reports to help inform your organisational strategy
  • Easily track and manage holiday requests, sickness and absences
  • Safely store data and documents in a secure, central location

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Change management

As your organisation evolves, HR plays a key role in making sure your workforce can continue carrying out their work effectively in light of any procedural or policy changes.

HR experts are well-versed in understanding the emotional and mental impacts of change, supporting both employees and business leaders through periods of transition.


Employee productivity and performance

All too often, businesses are so focused on the customer journey that they can overlook the importance of the employee journey. How do your employees feel about your company? Are they engaged and happy enough to be advocates? Or is there room for improvement when it comes to motivating your team?

HR experts understand how to help your employees feel engaged in, and motivated by, their work – thus maintaining productivity.


How outsourced HR can help your business

Now that you know how HR supports organisational strategy and business management, let’s have a conversation about your HR needs.

If you don’t currently have an HR presence in your team, we can help. We offer solution-driven HR consultancy services tailored to meet your business needs and align with your specific goals.

When you outsource HR activities to us, you benefit from having an experienced HR professional in your office either weekly or monthly to provide you with valuable and strategic HR support.

To find out how Primed can support your business, simply fill out the form to arrange a free consultation with one of our friendly consultants.