What alternatives are there to redundancy?

6 things to consider before making employees redundant

Making employees redundant should be the last option on your list when trying to reduce costs across your business. You’ve worked hard to recruit a great team with the skills and experience you need, so before you begin a redundancy process, it’s important to consider if you have any other options to consider.

Running a redundancy procedure doesn’t come without cost, and if you haven’t followed the correct redundancy process, you might find yourself facing the additional costs of unfair dismissal claims.

Our employment experts have put together 6 things to consider before making employees redundant.


Freezing recruitment, withdrawing or deferring job offers

Re-training existing employees or moving employees to another part of the business

Reduce non-permanent employees


Reduce pay, staff benefits or introduce a pay freeze

Reducing hours – flexible working arrangements, job sharing or overtime bans

Make savings elsewhere


After considering all of the above options, if you still aren’t able to reduce the cost you need, unfortunately you may need to consider redundancy.



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If you need help implementing any of the alternatives to redundancy, such as making changes to working arrangements, managing flexible working requests or changing employment contracts, Primed, our online system has extensive employment & HR resources, drafted by our experts that you can download and implement straight away, using our easy to understanding step-by-step guidance notes. But we understand that if you’re running a business you might just want someone to help. In which case our Primed Premium service is for you, giving you unlimited access to employment & HR experts either over the phone or by email for an affordable monthly fee.



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