Why does your business need HR consultants?

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Why does your business need HR consultants?

Human Resources (HR) is an essential business function and a key contributor to business success. But for some businesses, it’s not always possible to have that knowledge in-house, and outsourcing the work to HR consultants can be a popular, often cheaper, alternative.

In this article, find out exactly what a HR consultant does and discover how they can help your business.


What is a HR Consultant?

A HR consultant is a professional that offers specialist human resource advice, guidance and support within organisations of all sizes. HR consultants offer an outsider’s unbiased perspective and are brought in to assess and audit current practices, offering tailored solutions to solve any problems you may have within your organisation. They also offer HR support for businesses that don’t have the internal function.


Why are HR consultants important?

Having a HR presence in your organisation can contribute to the success of your business. A HR consultant can help you with strategic people management and recruitment, helping you ensure that your employees feel protected and supported while also strengthening your company culture.

Keeping your employees engaged and maintaining a high morale will only have positive effects on your business, helping it to progress and meet its goals.


The benefits of using external HR consultancy services

Minimise risk

Experts in Employment law, our consultants will review all your current HR practices and processes to make sure you are compliant with all the relevant laws and regulations.

Specialist knowledge

Using a consultancy service means you have access to several different experts in the Human Resources and Employment law sectors, plus you can get specialist, bespoke advice on different HR practices.

 Optimise your time

Outsourcing your HR to a HR consultant means your time can be used more effectively to develop and grow your business, particularly in small and medium-sized companies.

 Increase employee satisfaction

A HR consultant can help you implement bonus schemes and incentives to help keep your employees motivated and minimise staff turnover within your business.

Tactical planning

Once an audit has been carried out, it can help you to create strategic plans that contribute to meeting your business goals and solving any opportunities for improvement that have been identified.


How can Primed help?

Primed’s Employment & HR packages gives businesses access to unlimited HR advice on day-to-day HR issues. We also offer a HR consultancy package as an additional service, giving you access to our experienced HR consultants who can support you with strategic HR projects and ongoing support for a fixed price.

Our team are specialists in Employment Law and HR, meaning they can offer advice and provide tangible initiatives and programmes suited to your business – as well as making sure all your HR practices are compliant and working effectively.

Primed offers a number of HR consultancy services, including:

  • Strategic HR leadership
  • Workplace mediation services and facilitation sessions
  • Advice on Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employment (TUPE) and redundancy
  • Performance management
  • Training and development
  • Employee satisfaction, surveys and questionnaires
  • Change management
  • HR investigations
  • Job evaluation/analysis


Our approachable HR consultants are highly experienced in delivering a wide range of support to diverse organisations, from small to large and at both operational and strategic levels.

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