Disciplinary, grievances, dismissal & Tribunals

Disciplinary, grievances, dismissal & Tribunals

From time to time, difficulties may arise during the employment relationship. It could be that an employee isn’t performing very well in their role or they’ve made a complaint about how they’ve been treated (known in employment law terms as a grievance).

A disciplinary procedure are the steps an employer should follow is an employee is underperforming or their behaviour is unprofessional. A grievance procedure, sets out how employers should handle employee complaints.

Workplace issues can be difficult and stressful to manage for all involved, so it’s good practice to put in place a disciplinary and grievance procedure to help you resolve these types of problems quickly and effectively. If you’ve not followed the correct procedure, you could find yourself in hot water, especially if the issue ends up before an employment tribunal.

Dismissal is normally the last resort and should be handled with care to help avoid successful unfair dismissal claims.

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