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If you’ve come from Flint Insurance, firstly hello, thanks for stopping by. Let us tell you a bit about Primed and how to access your 30 day free trial.



We know things are tough right now and we want to help. We’re really pleased to have partnered with Flint Insurance to give their members access to Primed, free for 90 days.

We created Primed to give more businesses access to the very best employment law, HR, health & safety and other business support and advice – all at a fixed, affordable price.

We give you everything you need to deal with problems yourself. Use our resources and follow the guidance in Primed and you’ll have peace of mind that you’ve covered the basics.


What’s Primed?

Primed’s wide range of resources gives you everything you need to both employ and manage people as well as keep them safe.

Developed by Primed’s expert team, you’ll have full access to extensive resources, including step by step guidance, template letters, documents, policies, procedures and contracts. Everything you need in one place. All of Primed’s resources are checked and added to regularly, so you don’t need to worry if you’re looking at the most up to date guidance.

Other great benefits

☁️ It’s cloud based – access it wherever you are

⏰ It’s accessible 24/7 – use it whenever you need it

✅ It’s maintained by our expert team so you’ll always have the most up to date information and guidance

💡 Designed with you in mind – find the information you need quickly, using our simple theme-based menus.

Now includes COVID-19 guidance

Our team have worked around the clock to give you the most up to date COVID-19 resources - get the guidance, template letters and documents you need to place employees on furlough, bring them back from furlough and meet all your obligations whilst using the scheme - helping to avoid the risk of payments being clawed back.

But what if I want advice from a real person?

Then our Primed Premium packages are for you. Unlimited phone and email support for a fixed monthly fee as well as a whole host of other benefits.

Our consultants would be happy to speak to you about our Premium packages – if you’re interested, just tick the box in the form and we’ll be in touch.

Ready to sign up?

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