Formal Performance Review Meeting invitation template letter

Raising performance related issues with one of your team can be tricky – no one likes to hear they’re not living up to expectations.

Formal Performance Review Meeting invitation template letter

Issues of performance generally fall into two categories, “capability” or “conduct”. To manage poor or underperformance, a Line Manager needs to identify which category the individual falls into, based on the performance issues.

If you’ve held an initial, informal performance review meeting, set goals for your employee to help them improve and arranged interim meetings to track progress over a reasonable time period but there still hasn’t been any improvement, you may then invite them to a Formal Performance Review meeting using this template.

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  • What is a reasonable performance review period?

    There is no set minimum review period and its length depends on many factors including the nature of the role, how tangible the results are and the root cause of the performance issues. Generally though 4 to 6 weeks will be sensible in most cases.

  • Can we demote an employee due to their poor performance?

    Some contracts of employment entitle an employer to demote an employee, but despite this it is still advised that such clauses are invoked reasonably and in consultation with the employee.

    Generally, demotion is utilised towards the end of a performance management process whereby next steps would be dismissal. At this stage, the employee may be more incentivised to agree to the demotion in preference of dismissal.

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