My business is growing

You’ve built up a successful business but while you’ve been concentrating on its growth, have you had less time to dedicate to your people and safety management? Primed allows you to keep your main focus on your service or product knowing you have the resources and experts and on hand to help you manage your preferred, as well as the essential, approach to workplace matters.

I need extra support

As your business develops you’ll probably reach the stage where you want to be more proactive rather than reactive when it comes to people and safety issues. When you first start out it’s natural to concentrate on getting the essentials in place, but as your workforce grows it’s inevitable that you will need that next level of support. Perhaps you don’t have the budget for a dedicated HR or safety team, or you already have a small team but they could do with extra weight behind them.

With Primed Premium you can have a team of HR experts, lawyers and health & safety professionals available to you – the size and calibre of which you would expect to see in the largest of businesses – for a fixed monthly cost which won’t break the bank.

Employment & HR

It can be difficult to keep up with employment laws as your business grows – it is after all one of the most frequently changing areas of law and you’ve had a lot of other things to focus on.

However as your workforce grows, so does the likelihood of the not so run-of-the-mill employment issues cropping up. More staff means more potential for issues like clashes in the workplace, poor performance and sickness absence. A good place to start is to ensure your contracts are up to date and include everything they need to by law, plus those added extras to protect your business. Next you’ll want to ensure you have a staff handbook – you might already have basics like sickness and holiday procedures, but what about the more unusual (but very helpful) travel and weather disruption or home-working policies?

Above all, there’s nothing like being able to run a complex issue, like managing an employee with repeat sickness absences, past an expert, and with Primed Premium you can do just that. There’s no clock running, and you can email or call as much as you need to on any number of different matters.

Health & Safety

As your workforce grows so do your health and safety obligations. Once you have 5 employees you need to have a written policy in place, and with more staff on site the risk of illness or accidents naturally starts to creep up.

With Primed Premium you have access to all of your essential safety template risk assessments, guidance and policies but you can also call on our safety experts to talk you through the more complex or tailored situations. With sector specific experts on hand, you’ll also benefit from an annual audit, support on HSE or local authority investigations and on RIDDOR reportable accident investigations.