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Primed, our online system gives users access to extensive employment law & HR resources developed by our experts. It includes step-by-step guidance, template letters, documents, policies and contracts across a wide range of common HR issues.

Use our employment & HR resources and follow the guidance in Primed and you’ll have peace of mind that you’ve covered the basics.

Primed online advice and resources

The employment & HR resources are broken down into 9 key theme areas.

  • Employment Contracts & Recruitment
  • Ending Employment
  • Family Friendly
  • Grievances, Discrimination & Whistleblowing
  • Health & Absence
  • Holiday & Working Time
  • Learning & Development
  • Poor Performance & Misconduct
  • Redundancy & Restructure

Within these key areas you’ll find a number of related topics and you can navigate between guidance, templates and documents and FAQs relating to that particular topic.

Theme-based menus

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Key Employment & HR areas

Employment Contracts & Recruitment

You can access template employment contracts in Primed, our online system which covers the basics and will help protect your business from common employment law issues that may arise. You can also access guidance, templates and documents on running a recruitment process, making a job offer and the different types of employment contracts available.

Ending Employment

Employment can end for a number of reasons, an employee could resign from their position, or you may need to dismiss them – either way you’ll need to make sure you follow the correct procedure to end it fairly. You can find step-by-step guidance on managing poor performance and misconduct, as well as how you can deal with resignations and the processes to follow in Primed.

Family Friendly

Templates, guidance and FAQs around the variety of Family Friendly leave options available. Maternity and Paternity leave are still the most common but there’s other options such as Shared Parental Leave and adoption leave to consider.

Grievances, Discrimination & Whistleblowing

When an employee raises a formal complaint, you’ll need to take the time and steps to follow a formal procedure and a fair grievance process.

Access the policies and documents you need to put in place to help prevent workplace discrimination and carrying out a fair grievance process as well as policies on whistleblowing. A whistleblowing policy shows your commitment to listening to your employees concerns and can help resolve wrong-doings efficiently.

Health & Absence

We have a range of template policies and guidance to help you with most health and absence issues, for example an absence policy, outlining what’s expected from your business and your employees if they need to take time off for numerous reasons.

Holiday & Working Time

Most of the time holiday is a straight-forward entitlement to manage, and our template policies and guidance cover everything you’d expect them to and are regularly updated, so you’re always looking at the most up-to-date guidance.

Learning & Development

Access guidance and templates around providing training and what your policy is on payments that your employees may be required to pay if they take training and then leave the business soon after.

Poor Performance & Misconduct

Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between poor performance and misconduct. Our FAQs, template policies and step-by-step guidance will provide you with the foundations for dealing with these issues.

Redundancy & Restructure

No business wants to find themselves in a situation where they need to make redundancies but unfortunately business challenges arise from time to time and you might find you need to reduce your headcount to continue operating as a business. Access online guidance, template letters and documents you need to manage these processes, including guidance on collective redundancy and TUPE, as well as a range of template documents covering the entire restructuring process.


Samantha Barton, HR Coordinator , Charlton Athletic Football Club

Primed has been extremely beneficial to aid with the running of our business. I am a junior HR Co-ordinator who is still learning; it's been great to have Primed for me to contact as and when I need it. The system is user friendly and it's helpful to have templates and documents that I can download when I need them. Read more

Maureen Legge, Head of HR, STEM Learning

We have received some excellent service and advice across the business on a variety of Employment law & HR Topics. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Primed going forward and taking advantage of Outset Group services. Read more

Caroline Olie, Head of Governance & Quality, Wren Healthcare Ltd

Wren Healthcare Limited has ongoing positive experiences in relation to all services provided by Primed and the Outset Group. They are professional and personable at all times and a pleasure to work with. They provide a comprehensive commercial, legal, employment law and human resource advice service. They are highly recommended as a support to any business. Read more