Employment Law & HR

People are a company’s greatest asset, but managing them isn’t always straight-forward. Primed Premium Employment & HR gives you everything you need to employ and manage people.

Supporting you with employment and HR issues

As a business owner you need to comply with the law and protect your business from risk. It’s hard to know where to start, especially when it comes to employing people and managing a team. 

If you’re worried that your employment contracts aren’t up-to-date or perhaps you’re struggling to manage an employment issue such as health and absence, get unlimited support and advice from our employment lawyers and HR experts for an affordable monthly fee.

Unlike our competitors in employment law who focus on trying to eliminate risk completely, making you follow long processes to get the results you need, we give you a choice of approach. Follow best practice, keeping risk to an absolute minimum and take the time and steps required. Or with wider and complex options, you can choose to take some risk and move more quickly.

Our service includes

Unlimited advice

Telephone and email advice from our employment lawyers & HR experts, giving you access to the right advice, whenever you need it

Your choice of approach

Follow best practice, keep risk to an absolute minimum and take the time and steps required. Choose to take some risk and move more quickly with wider and complex options

Tribunal Defence costs covered

Take our advice and follow best practice and we'll cover the costs of defending an employment tribunal

Annual contract review

We'll review your existing contracts and policies, so you know that you've covered all your legal requirements

Access to Primed

Access to our online system with extensive resources including template letters, contracts & policies

Areas we can support you with

COVID-19 support

In a continually changing landscape, get the guidance, template letters, documents and advice you need to manage your team and support your business during COVID-19.

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We have a dedicated COVID-19 section in Primed, our online system. Get the most up-to-date guidance, template letters and documents you need to place employees on furlough, bring them back from furlough, how to use flexible furlough to bring your employees back part time whilst using the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, the Job Support Scheme and meet all your obligations whilst using the schemes, avoiding the risk of payments being clawed back.

We can also support you with guidance on sick pay, calculating holiday pay and reducing costs through redundancy or changes to employee terms and conditions during COVID-19.

Employment Contracts & Recruitment

An employment contract defines the relationship between your business and your employee, helping to protect your business from risk and outlines your employee’s role in your business.

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You can access template employment contracts in Primed, our online system which covers the basics and will help protect your business from common employment law issues that may arise, or you can access additional support and guidance through our employment and HR experts.

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Support with employment contracts

Employment right to work checks

Managing the recruitment and selection process


Ending Employment

Employment can end for a number of reasons, an employee could resign from their position, or you may need to dismiss them – either way you’ll need to make sure you follow the correct procedure to end it fairly.

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Our employment and HR specialists can guide you through the process, ensuring you’ve followed a fair procedure, protecting your business from risk whilst achieving the outcome you need.

Family Friendly Leave - Maternity, Paternity and Shared Parental Leave

There’s now a variety of Family Friendly leave options, with Maternity and Paternity leave still being the most common but it can be a challenge to keep up to date with the changing legal requirements.

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Primed, our online system gives you access to a range of family friendly template policies, covering all the family friendly rights, as well as guidance to help you implement them. However, if you need help our experts are just a phone call away.

Grievances, Discrimination & Whistleblowing

When an employee raises a formal complaint, you’ll need to take the time and steps to follow a formal procedure and a fair grievance process.

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We’ll give you all the policies and documents you need to put in place to help prevent workplace discrimination, advice on how to carry out a fair grievance process and policies on whistleblowing.

A whistleblowing policy shows your commitment to listening to your employees concerns and can help resolve wrong-doings efficiently.

Sometimes, you might want someone to talk to, especially if things become more complicated. You have unlimited access to our HR advisors and employment lawyers who can give you more specific advice.

Health & Absence

A commonly challenging area for employees is sickness absence, you may need help dealing with long term sickness or managing short, frequent absences.

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We have a range of template policies and guidance to help you with most health and absence issues, for example an absence policy, outlining what’s expected from your business and your employees if they need to take time off for numerous reasons. However, our experts are always on hand to deal with more complex issues that you may need advice on, such as disability, dependants and mental health absence.

Holiday & Working Time

Most of the time holiday is a straight-forward entitlement to manage, and our template policies and guidance cover everything you’d expect them to and are regularly updated, so you’re always looking at the most up-to-date guidance.

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We can also support you with more complicated issues, like what happens when someone is on holiday and gets sick and managing Working Time, breaks and calculating holiday pay.

Learning & Development

An appraisal system is a useful way of managing performance and motivating and rewarding your employees. It can also help you to spot any problems early on and deal with them quickly.

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We’ll provide you with guidance on running an appraisal along with the template forms you’ll need. You can also access guidance and templates around providing training and what your policy is on payments that your employees may be required to pay if they take training and then leave the business soon after.

Poor Performance & Misconduct

Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between poor performance and misconduct. There’s a number of reasons why an employee may be underperforming, perhaps they are struggling with personal issues, have a lack of training or misunderstand the requirements of the job – either way it can be a difficult situation to manage. Misconduct issues focus around an employees behaviour and range from consistent lateness, to more serious matters such as theft, alcohol or rug abuse and threatening behaviour.

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Our template policies and step-by-step guidance will provide you with the foundations for dealing with these issues. However, we understand poor performance and misconduct can quickly become more complex and our employment and HR experts are able to provide you with the advice you need to manage your employees through any performance or conduct issue.


Redundancy & Restructure

No business wants to find themselves in a situation where they need to make redundancies but unfortunately business challenges arise from time to time and you might find you need to reduce your headcount to continue operating as a business.

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Knowing where to start and what process you need to follow can be a challenge. You may want to re-structure your business or you may need to run a full redundancy process. Either way, we’ll provide you with the guidance, template letters and documents you need to manage these processes. That includes guidance on collective redundancy and TUPE, as well as a host of template documents covering the entire restructuring process.

What alternatives are there to redundancy?

Learn more about the redundancy process


David Wharram, CEO, Coast Digital

The quality of the support has been exceptional. Calls are followed up by thorough notes and the advice given is pitched at exactly the right level, with often complex and challenging topics turned into easy to understand advice. I would honestly say using this service is better than an internal HR team. We feel like the Primed team are an extension of our own, we save time internally and nothing seems too much trouble for them. I would recommend the Primed service to anyone and regularly do. Read more

Samantha Barton, HR Coordinator , Charlton Athletic Football Club

Primed has been extremely beneficial to aid with the running of our business. I am a junior HR Co-ordinator who is still learning; it's been great to have Primed for me to contact as and when I need it. The system is user friendly and it's helpful to have templates and documents that I can download when I need them. Read more

Need Health & Safety support too?

Primed Premium Combined covers two key areas: Employment and HR and Health and Safety. Choose Primed Premium Combined and you’ll benefit from both, with access to our employment, HR and health and safety specialists, giving you everything you need to manage a team and keep them safe.

  • Unlimited email and telephone support for both Employment and Safety
  • Employment Tribunal Defence costs covered, if you've followed our advice
  • Annual review of employment contracts and key policies
  • Dedicated advisory team
  • Full access to Primed, our online system
  • Initial and Annual audit and Safety Management System
  • Support on HSE, local authority and RIDDOR investigations
  • Fixed monthly cost