Starting my business

There’s a lot to think about when setting up a business, and it can be overwhelming working out where to start when it comes to your people and health and safety needs. Getting your essentials in place is made easy with Primed.

Where do I start?

You have a long ‘to do’ list and with costs mounting up it can be tempting to cut corners by re-using an old template employment contract or finding a risk assessment online.

Getting things right from the start will put your new business in the strongest position possible, and Primed will help you by giving you that peace of mind. You’ll be able to put in place key safety and people documents which you know are up to date, compliant and backed by expert advice.

Our full Primed service provides you with access to our online knowledge system covering employment law and HR plus health and safety, and unlimited email and telephone support. If you’re just starting out you might decide you only want access to the online knowledge system, and that’s fine, either way you’ll pay a competitive fixed monthly price based on the service you choose and your business size.

Employment & HR

As a business just setting up you might only have or one or two employees, or perhaps just casual workers. Did you know that as of 6 April 2020 all workers are entitled to a written statement of terms from day 1? The list of items which needs to be covered in that written statement has grown, so its no good relying on a document you used in the past.

Employment laws and HR practices change with scary frequency. With Primed in your corner you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you always have access to the latest best practice guidance and documents regularly reviewed by legal and HR experts.

Health & Safety

Health and safety requirements apply to all businesses no matter how small or new, but that doesn’t mean compliance has to be complex.  Every business must have a policy in place for managing health and safety and if you have five employees or more, you have to write it down.

With Primed you won’t have to worry about not knowing where to start – all your essentials are in one place along with clear guidance to take you every step of the way.