Wish to Change from my Current Provider

There’s something you’re unhappy about – cost or service, or perhaps both. Both of these things are really important, and that’s where Primed Premium comes in.

I want practical support at a sensible price

Perhaps you feel as though you’re spending too much on fees for professional support, and you want advice which you can apply straight away. We won’t just quote laws at you, and we don’t sit on the fence – with Primed you’ll have access to all the people and safety support you need to keep your business running, for a reasonable fixed monthly cost.

Employment & HR

There’s a lot to keep up with when it comes to your employees, with set process and rules applying to much of the employment relationship. The Primed knowledge system gives you access to all of the best practice and legally compliant guidance, FAQs and template documents and policies to help you meet those every day needs. But things are never simple when it involves people and real life, and that’s where the Primed service really shines – because with Premium you can pick up the phone or drop an email to an expert HR professional or employment lawyer and get a practical answer to your problem. You never have to worry that the clock is ticking, because your fixed monthly fee covers unlimited email and telephone support.

Health & Safety

Health and safety obligations are nothing to take lightly – but keeping up to date with your basic requirements is made simple with Primed. The knowledge system gives you access to all of your essential safety template risk assessments, guidance and policies and with Premium our safety experts are available to talk you through the more complex or tailored situations. With sector specific experts on hand, you’ll also benefit from an annual audit, support on HSE or local authority investigations and on RIDDOR reportable accident investigations. Whether you choose to stick with Primed Online or take the full Premium option we think cost certainty is important, and that’s why whichever option you go for, you will pay a fixed monthly price.