The importance of a health and safety audit

health and safety audit

The importance of a health and safety audit

Health and safety audits are common practice for any business to carry out and are pivotal to the security of your employees, customers, and your business’ reputation.

In this article, we uncover what a health and safety audit is and why they are so important for your business.


What is a health and safety audit?

A health and safety audit is a review of your company’s Health and Safety (H&S) procedures, policies, and processes within the business. They are designed to test all your current practices to highlight any problems and inefficiencies, as well as identifying successes and what works well.

Not only do they protect your business, but they also protect your employees, customers, and anyone else who visits your business premises.


Why are health and safety audits important?

Although health and safety audits are not a legal requirement, businesses are still required to monitor and review safety procedures on an ongoing basis. An audit allows you to assess your work environment in a systematic way and reduce the risk of any incidents in the workplace. They are considered essential and those who don’t carry out audits will often find gaps in their safety procedures. Many larger organisations will have formal audit procedures in place which includes on site checks.

If any incidents occur and your business is prosecuted for a breach in health and safety, usually those breaches would have been highlighted in your H&S audit. If the issues highlighted by your audit are not actioned, there can be the possibility of fines and/or prison sentences and damage to your business’ reputation.


What is included in an audit?

Usually, a health and safety audit involves:

  • Reviewing all your business’ policies and procedural documents, along with any other documentation you have regarding your H&S practices.
  • Checking that the H&S policies and processes are being followed correctly.
  • Carrying out interviews with members of staff for feedback on health and safety in the workplace.


How can Primed help?

Our Primed Premium Health and Safety Package gives you access to our specialist health and safety consultants who can answer all your questions and help you create a solid action plan to identify and manage any health and safety risks within your business.

An annual health and safety audit is included in your premium package. When you join us, we carry out an initial audit to review your current H&S practices, identify improvements and then help you develop a step-by-step plan to achieve them. Furthermore, we carry out your audits annually to give you ongoing peace of mind.


Why Primed?

Primed was created so that businesses can access the best legal advice at a fixed monthly price. Developed by experts in health and safety, employment law & HR, you can access a wealth of knowledge and speak to our experts as many times as you need for a reasonable fixed monthly fee.


Speak to an expert

Along with health and safety audits, our health and safety package also includes:

  • Ongoing unlimited support from our H&S experts.
  • Implementation of a safety management system, or we can review and improve your existing one.
  • Support with common procedures such as Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and local authority investigations, Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR).
  • Unlimited access to Primed, our online system, providing you with helpful resources produced by our experts. This includes templates, policies, contracts and more.

Find out more about our Primed Premium Health and safety service by contacting us to arrange a free consultation.