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Primed, our online system gives you full access to extensive resources, produced and updated by our experts, giving you everything you need to manage a team and keep them safe.

Essential COVID-19 guidance now included.

The information you need, available online when you need it

We created Primed to give businesses more access to the very best employment law, HR, health and safety and other business support and advice – all for an affordable monthly fee.

Primed, our online system is designed to empower you to take control of your own issues, make good decisions and access the support and advice you want, whenever and however you want it.

Use our resources and follow the guidance in Primed and you’ll have peace of mind that you’ve covered the basics.

Developed by our expert team, Primed gives you full access to extensive online resources, including step-by-step guidance, template letters, documents, policies, procedures and contracts across employment law & HR, health and safety and cyber security. Everything you need, all in one place.

How our online HR system works

Employment Law & HR

All the tools and templates you need to manage your employees effectively

Health & Safety

Access to a wide range of policies, risk assessments and method statements

Information Security

Data protection and cyber essentials guidance, keeping your business protected and compliant


Get the support and guidance you need in a continually changing landscape

What does Primed, our online system include?

COVID-19 support

In a continually changing landscape, get the guidance, template letters and documents you need to support your business in our dedicated Coronavirus section.

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Get up-to-date templates and guidance on common COVID-19 issues such as placing employees on furlough, flexible furlough, bringing them back from furlough and meeting all your obligations whilst using the Coronavirus Job Retention scheme – helping to avoid the risk of payments being clawed back. Support with Holiday Pay, Sick Pay and guidance and templates on how to implement the latest social distancing and PPE guidelines in your workplace. Our templates also include advice on redundancy, restructuring, business continuity planning and support with changes to employment contracts.

Templates & Documents

Drafted and maintained by our experts, our templates are available for you to download, customise and use in your business.

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Find the information you need quickly, using our theme-based menus. Our resources are suitable for any business, whether you’re a start-up or growing business, Primed covers everything from employing people and managing employee relationships as well as all the policies and guidances you need to keep your team safe.

You can access all the templates and guidance you need to manage sick pay, holiday entitlements, maternity and paternity leave as well as access to policy statements, procedures, forms, risk assessments and safety briefings.




When it comes to health and safety or HR issues, our easy to understand guides will help you to understand your obligations as an employer.

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Follow the guidance in Primed and you’ll have peace of mind you’ve covered the basics. We’ve designed these with you in mind, with easy to understand, step-by-step guidance written in a clear and concise way.


Sometimes you want to get to the nitty gritty without reading the whole guidance note, that’s exactly why we’ve created FAQs for each topic within the key areas.

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Our FAQs take you through the most common questions employers have, in one place. Some example topics are : Do you really need a health and safety policy? Do you need to test emergency lighting? Do you have to give a reference? Can an employee who’s on sick leave take holiday?

Compliance Register

We understand that all businesses have a long list of things to keep on top of at any one time, including compliance dates, certification, insurance and contract or lease renewals. With so much to remember, it can be difficult to stay organised.

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We built our compliance register to help you keep track of all these dates in one place. It will remind you of upcoming tasks and group them by subject area. We’ve included example topics like insurance, property and contracts but you can also add your own.

Calculators & Links

Being able to calculate holiday, maternity, redundancy and pension entitlements quickly and simply is a real time saver. We’ve put together a range of HR and health and safety calculators to help you get the answers you need.

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We’re not reinventing the wheel, but we are making sure that everything is in one place to save you the time and hassle of searching for it.

Primed Insight

We’ll keep you up to date with insightful content and the latest news and updates from our legal teams.

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You’ll be able to download monthly newsletters and useful advice relating to the world of employment law, health & safety and cyber security.

Cloud-based system

Updated and maintained by our experts

Easy access 24/7 from wherever you are

Optimised for tablets and mobiles


Samantha Barton, HR Coordinator , Charlton Athletic Football Club

Primed has been extremely beneficial to aid with the running of our business. I am a junior HR Co-ordinator who is still learning; it's been great to have Primed for me to contact as and when I need it. The system is user friendly and it's helpful to have templates and documents that I can download when I need them. Read more

Sharon Beckett, CEO, Be Wiser Insurance

I have just logged in to Primed online system, I love it! It's excellent, straightforward, informative and so valuable to any business. Read more

Lisa Goode, Chief of Staff, GoTo Energy

Primed has been a great tool for us as a new business as we can quickly go online, research the question and download the relevant documentation. Read more

Upgrade to Primed Premium

If you run a business, chances are your time is limited. How do we know this? Because we’ve been there too.

Get unlimited telephone and email advice from our employment & HR and Health and Safety experts on any issues you may be facing as a business. We can help you adapt templates to suit your needs or if there’s something more complex you want talking through, we’re here to help you.

Our Premium packages have a huge amount of other benefits depending on which package you pick.


  • Unlimited advice by email or telephone
  • Your choice of approach on Employment issues
  • Tribunal Defence fees covered, if you follow our advice
  • New Safety Management System
  • Access to Primed, our online system
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Why do I need Primed Online?

    Primed, our online system gives you access to the high-quality templates and documents you need, when you need them. You won’t have to trawl through Google looking for an employment contract or risk assessment template, they’re easily accessible in our online system. And what’s more is they’ve been developed by our team of experienced employment lawyers, HR professionals and safety consultants – so you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re watertight.


    Up to date, cloud based, storage of templates all in one place.

  • What do I get with my Primed Online subscription?

    Developed by our team of experts, Primed gives you access to over 600 online resources,

    including a template contract of employment, template letters, documents and essential policies and procedures across employment, HR, health & safety and cyber security. Everything you need, all in one place.

  • How long does my Primed Online subscription run for?

    You can currently sign up for a 12-month free trial of Primed, our online system. You can cancel your free subscription at any time or you can choose to upgrade to a paid subscription for just £35p/m to access even more content.

  • Can I cancel my Primed Online subscription?

    You can cancel your 12-month free trial subscription at anytime. To cancel, please email and our team will arrange cancellation.

  • How can I trust that the content is high quality?

    Primed is part of The Outset Group which contains Outset Legal LLP, a solicitors’ practice, authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.


    All of the content in Primed, our online system, has been created by our team of brilliant lawyers, highly qualified HR professionals and health & safety consultants, all with significant experience in their areas of expertise. Our template documents and guidance have undergone rigorous checks to ensure they are water-tight and of the highest quality.


    For the past 20 years, Outset has been challenging the status quo in the professional services sector. We’ve spent years advising large businesses on the most complex employment and HR issues including IVC Evidensia, FujiFilm, Flight Centre, Michels & Taylor, Carnival and Charlton Athletic Football Club, so you can be confident our team know what they’re doing.


    When we started to work with smaller, owner-managed businesses like yours, we realised many of you were missing out on high quality legal advice when you needed it. This was sometimes because the cost was too much, but more often than not, the service was not designed to match your needs – which was why we created Primed.

  • I’m not a HR or safety expert, can I still use the templates?

    Yes. We have designed them in a way that anyone can use them, and have provided step-by-step guidance of how to use them. However, we always suggest having them reviewed by us before implementing them to make sure they do the job you need. You can access this free of charge with our Primed Premium package.

  • How do I find my login details?

    You will receive an email from which will contain a link to activate your user account. If you haven’t received your login details within an hour, please firstly check your junk folder and spam filters, before getting in touch with the team at who can help you get online.