Does my workplace still need to be COVID secure?

QOTW: With lockdown easing, does my workplace still need to be COVID secure?

Yes. Although lockdown is easing and many employers are thinking about returning employees to the workplace in the Autumn, workplaces that are open to employees now still need to be COVID secure to help minimise the risk of infection.


What does COVID-secure mean?

This means businesses still need to adapt their workplaces to follow the current guidelines – this may mean reducing the number of desks in the office or making them further apart, continuous cleaning, hygiene and hand-washing stations, putting a one-way system in place and maintaining social distancing.

A Covid-19 risk assessment will help you identify what measures you need to put in place. You should revisit the risk assessment regularly as guidelines change that may impact your work. You can access a free risk assessment template in Primed here.


Spot checks and site inspections

The HSE are carrying our regular spot checks and inspections to make sure workplaces are COVID-secure to check the measures businesses have in place are in line with the current guidance. They’re also working closely with local authorities to assist them in making sure the measures in the hospitality and retail sectors are following the guidance.


What happens if I’m not following the guidelines?

If a business is found to not be following the current guidelines, the HSE will firstly provide advice on what you should be doing and how you can improve your current measures. They also have the power to close workplaces down until they are made safe, issue enforcement notices or if you fail to comply, they can move to prosecute you.


Speak to an expert

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